Wilde Chutney makes small batches of chutneys, marmalade's and compote using naturally fermented vinegar, Loves and uses, where possible locally growth organic vegetables and fruit.

Wilde Rhubarb Chutney

Spring has arrived at my allotment! The first of the rhubarb has been harvested and made into rhubarb chutney. This year I have made it with naturally fermented kriek vinegar, rhubarb, berber berries, horseradish and a touch of smoked paprika.

This month's Chutney selection:


Koolrabi & Caraway

Pear & Horseraddish

Japanese Raddish & Red Cabbage

Yellow Baby Beet

Red Onion

Rhubarb & Berber berry

This month's Marmalade selection:

Sevilla Orange

Bergamot & Tea

This month's Compote selection: