Wilde Chutney makes small batches of chutneys, marmalade's and compote using naturally fermented vinegar, Loves and uses, where possible locally grown organic vegetables and fruit. Orders are taken via e-mail , telephone: 06-23635184 or webshop.

Indian Summer Time!

With the summer's sun dwindling in strength, I hold onto the heat before accepting the autumn, and dream of an Indian summer.

With this in mind I have made a courgette and mustard-seed chutney. The courgettes are from Stadstuinderij Noordoogst. Which is a organic city-garden project just 5km from my business. So it was a hop on the bicycle harvest.

This month's Chutney selection:

Red Onion

Rhubarb & Fennel

Rose petal Harissa

Black Currant & lavender

Courgette & Mustardseed

Beet & Sumac Relish

This month's Marmalade selection:

Sevilla Orange

Bergamot & Tea

This month's Compote selection:


Strawberry & Bergamot