Wilde Chutney makes small batches of chutneys, marmalade's and compote using naturally fermented vinegar, Loves and uses, where possible locally growth organic vegetables and fruit.

Wilde Blackcurrant, Cherry & lavender Chutney

Summer has arrived at my allotment! The Blackcurrant harvest has been quite disappointing this year so I have added Dutch Cherries to this Chutney. I have made it with naturally fermented wine vinegar, Blackcurrant, Cherries and Lavender from my garden.

This month's Chutney selection:

Blackcurrant, Cherry & Lavender

Redcurrant, Cherry & Lavender

Koolrabi & Caraway

Pear & Horseraddish

Red Onion

Rhubarb & Berber berry (sold out)

This month's Marmalade selection:

Sevilla Orange

Bergamot & Tea

This month's Compote selection: