January & February Marmalade season

It's Seville orange season. January & February Wilde Chutney's kitchen is filled with these organic beauties from the organic orange groves of  Ave Maria  Seville

In our family, tradition dictates that we make our year's supply of marmalade. My sisters & brothers still make marmalade according to our mothers recipe  with phrases as five pints of water and not a drop less, rolling boil and sugar must be absolutely heated ingrained in our memories. We all, in our grown up separate lives, hark and hunker back to our youth and the days of our mothers warmth, work and fresh toast dripping with her marmalade. Sun in the depth of winter.

Where does Wilde Chutney source her fruit?

Wilde Chutney is proud to announce that the local fruit farmer, Rene van der Aarde, after two years transition has got his organic certification. Congratulations Rene. Great news! Wilde Chutney has adopted 20 fruit trees from Rene and is looking forward to harvest, plums apples & pears for her locally produced and organic chutney. If you want to adopt fruit trees to harvest your own fruit. You can! here is his link with more information. Rene the fruit farmer. 

Climate change 

We all are aware that climate change is as dramatic and huge as it is complex. Finding  solutions to this crises can be overwhelming. Wilde Chutney as a company tries in its own way to minimize the impact on the environment. Nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement. That is why Urgenda is an organisation that is close to Wilde Chutney's heart. Thinking of solutions and working together. One of their projects that Wilde Chutney supports is stichting behoud en beheer Broekhuizerlaan. For more information about adopting a tree you can click here. adopt a 200 year old tree and of course here is the link for Urgenda