The Goatee Beer Dinners 2017

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The goatee beer dinners are go!
This Year during the Carnavale Brettanomyces Wilde Chutney will be presenting three dinners:

Friday the 23rd of June Colab. with Jester King Brewery
Saturday the 24th of June Colab. with Siren Craft Brew
Sunday the 25th of June Colab. with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and Wild Beer Co.

Go to the Wilde Chutney Online Shop to order your Tickets now! If you have any questions please contact me at:
Three Goats

Gouden Pint 2016 Nomination for Carnivale Brettanomyces

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> Edit: Yessss! We went to Almere and brought home the "Gouden Pint".

For more information: please have a look at the Dutch Beer consumer organisation website:

End Edit<

We are very honoured to be one of the five nominees for the Gouden Pint 2016, a yearly award, handed out by the Dutch beer consumers organisation PINT. Attention points are originality, innovative character and the added value to the beer world.

The other four nominees are
*Timothy Wareman, for his work on foodparing
*Oldskool Brewery, for their critical view on the nowadays brewing scene, and their -against the tide- Reinheitsgebot focussed brewing.
*Dutch Beer Challenge: for organizing a professional Dutch beer competition.
*Fortbrouwerij Duits&Lauret, for using the old 19th century waterfiltersystem from the fortress the've recently occupied.
Congratz to all.

Honoured as we said, and always happy to send our goats to our contenders' fermentation tanks. ;-) The results will be announced on November 13 and no, you can not vote.

Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016 (#5)

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During this years Brett fest Wilde Chutney is joining forces with Brew Taste, Huib, Wild Beer co. and Popes Yard Brewing for two evenings of culinary delight. 

What the Goat eats

5 courses 5 beers

Saturday 25th June 19:00

Waalse kerk, Walenpleintje 157-159


From the bleating, brewing and fermenting of Brew Taste, Huib, Wilde Chutney and Pope's Yard Brewery minds.

This five course what the goat eats beer dinner will be presented with love on Saturday the 25th at 19:00 in the Waalse kerk.

For reservations click on link below.

Wilde Chutney Online Shop

Goatee Dinner (sold out)

5 courses 5 beers

Friday 24th June 19:00

Waalse kerk, Walenpleintje 157-159


From the bleating, brewing and fermenting of Brew Taste, Huib, Wilde Chutney and Wild Beer co. minds.

This five course goatee beer dinner will be presented with love on Friday the 24th at 19:00 in the Waalse kerk.

This Dinner is sold out. There is still a limited amount of tickets available for the dinner on Saturday (see below)

Wilde Heerlijkheid

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Month of May 2016
Now available at Bierproeflokaal "In de Wildeman":

- May Cheese
- Pickled Cucumbers
- Marmalade
- Ground elder crackers

As always: the crackers have been home made. This time with "the curse of gardners¨: Ground Elder.
The Pickle I used for the cucumbers is made from 10 year old barley wine and balsamic vinegar.


Recepten boek met bier

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Men heeft mij gevraagd om een recept met een nieuw bier, tasty lady, te ontwikkelen. Binnenkort ligt het boek bij de Slijterij keten Mitra.

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